There are four roles in Typing Agent. They are:

  • District Administrator
  • School Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Student

District Administrator

A District Administrator profile is assigned to each district (multi-school) account, and is often (at least initially) the person who signed up for the account. This person has complete control to add, edit, and remove any data from the program. They are responsible for getting all data loaded into Typing Agent, whether they manage that centrally or delegate responsibility to School Admins or Teachers. 

Only one District Admin profile can exist at this time. If you need multiple people with this level of permissions, you will need to use a shared login. 

School Administrator

School Administrators have complete access to view, create, edit, and delete data in the School (or Schools) they're assigned to. They can also be assigned as the Teacher to individual classes. 


A Teacher can view, create, edit, and delete all data directly assigned to them, including Classrooms and Students. They cannot see any Classrooms and Students assigned to other Teachers or School Admins. 


A Student is able to login and interact with the programs student interface. 

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