There are up to four categories of data to add into Typing Agent: Schools, Teachers/Admins, Classrooms, and Students. Classrooms can only be added after Teachers and School Admins have been created. It's most efficient to add Classrooms before Students so you can assign Students to Classrooms when they're added.

Classes can be added in bulk with a CSV file, one at a time with a web form, automatically  through Clever, or by triggering a download from Google Classroom.


CSV templates and details on the exact data required can be found within the program by clicking Upload Your Classes.


Classrooms can be added one at a time using the built in webform. This is done by clicking the + button located in the bottom right. 

Teachers and School Admins can also add classes by clicking the "+ Classroom" button in the left-hand navigation pane.


To add Schools via Clever, you must first request to sync with Typing Agent via your Clever Dashboard and be manually connected by Typing Agent. Once completed, your data will be synced from Clever based on your sharing rules. 

  • Classrooms are called Sections in Clever. 

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