Schools (District Admin Only)

This section includes a list of all of your schools, their details, option to add more schools, and ability to edit the school or view it's roster of staff, classrooms, or students.

Classrooms (District Admin Only)

This section lists all of your districts classes, their details, options to add more classes, and the ability to edit the classrooms or view their teachers or student rosters.

Time Settings

This section allows you to identify your districts school hours and start and end of year. Customizing this will allow for more accurate analytics. E.g. determining amount of time students spend in the program during school and out of school hours, or progress since the beginning of your school year.


This section allows you to limit customization options to different roles, such as only allowing Admins to add students or edit curriculums. 

Grade Settings

From here you can change the defaults of what curriculums and options are available to students by grade level. 


Here you can adjust the accuracy and wpm requirements to achieve a grade. This will adjust how graded reports display the students grade. 

Target Settings

Targets are the accuracy and WPM thresholds students must meet to earn stars during lessons. The defaults are set based on Common Core and ISTE standards. 

District/School Portal

You can customize the look of your unique login portal from here.

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