There are up to four components required for Typing Agent to work for your Teachers and Students.

  1. Schools
  2. Teachers/School Admins
  3. Classrooms
  4. Students


Only required on district (multi-school) accounts, School becomes the container that all Teachers, School Admins, and Students associated to that school are sorted into.

Teachers/School Admins/District Admins

For a Classroom to function, a Teacher or School Admin must be assigned to it. This is the person who will be able to follow the progress of the Students assigned to the Classroom, and the person who can update the Classroom settings.

Additional District Admins visibility into all schools, classes, staff, and students. 


The Classroom is the container that Students are added to, and must be assigned to a Teacher or School Admin to work. All settings that influence the Student experience, including (but not limited to) curriculum, typing targets, and lesson settings, are determined through settings in the Classroom. 


Students must be assigned to a Classroom to be able to use the program, and the Classroom must also be assigned to a Teacher or School Admin. The Students experience in the program is determined by the settings of the Classroom they're in. 

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