There are up to four categories of data to add into Typing Agent: Schools, Teachers/Admins, Classrooms, and Students. It is most efficient to add students last, so they can be directly assigned to Schools and Classrooms. 

Students can be added in bulk with a CSV file (which can be automated through our ADSM process), one at a time with a web form, through Google Classroom, or with automation through Clever.

Two additional "self-help" options are available. You can have students self-register or load students via CSV without Classroom assignments and have their teacher move them into their own classes.


CSV templates and details on the exact data required can be found within the program by clicking Upload Your Students. 

Note: the program accepts alphanumeric numbers, and the special characters _(underscore), -(dash), and @(at).

Students can also be loaded via CSV from within the Classroom itself:


Student data can automatically be kept up to date via a nightly script sending your SIS data to an SFTP upload. This option must be requested by contacting Typing Agent at or the in-app "?" button.

Once requested, we will create and provide you your SFTP login credentials and assist you in ensuring your data is formatted correctly. You will be responsible for creating the script that transfers the data from your SIS to our SFTP server using the correct CSV template.


Students can be added one at a time using the built in webform. 

Admin's can do this from the Admin Dashboard>Manage All Users section by clicking the + button in the bottom right. 

All staff can add students directly from within the classroom. 


To add Students via Clever, you must first request to sync with Typing Agent via your Clever Dashboard and be manually connected by Typing Agent. Once completed, your data will be synced from Clever based on your sharing rules. 

  • The default expectation is that students added this way will sign-in by logging into their Clever dashboard and clicking the Typing Agent icon.
  • If they’re logging directly from their Typing Agent login portal, they will need to use their Typing Agent username and password, not their Clever username and password.

Student Self-Registration

There are two steps required to enable student self-registration. 

Admins can enable access by clicking the "Allow Student Sign-Up" under the Admin Dashboard>School Management>District/School Portal section. This creates the self-registration link on your accounts unique login page.

Teachers can then provide their students their class code, and enable self-registration to it, from within the classroom by clicking the + button. 

Teacher Assigned

If an administrator has loaded the students into the program, but not assigned them to a class, an Admin or Teacher can move the students to their class.

An Admin would do this under Admin Dashboard>User Management by selecting a student or students, then selecting "+ Enrollments".

A teacher would do this by clicking the Roster button to the left of their profile name, selecting a student or students, then selecting "+ Enrollments".

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