Experience points(xp) are used in Typing Agent as automatic gate keepers of content, that by default unlock features as the student is presumed ready for them based on the xp they've earned. 

How are they earned?

Students earn xp by completing lessons in the two Keyboarding Foundation curriculums.

How much xp do they earn per lesson?

They earn 10xp per star they earned on the lesson. This means they can earn a minimum of 0xp (no stars) or maximum of 30xp (three stars). 

What about repeat lessons?

Repeating standard lessons will earn the student 1xp. A standard lesson is any lesson in Worlds 1-3 with a lesson and keboard interface (no games, left/right lessons, videos, etc) and every lesson World 4 on. 

How do I see how many xp my students have?

You can see how many xp each student in a class has by logging in as the teacher, selecting the class, clicking Analytics, and selecting Leaderboard. The report will show how many xp the student has earned and which curriculums they've unlocked. 

How do students know how much xp they've earned?

Students can see it in their dashboards header, and select the xp icon to see a page dedicated to their xp. 

How does a student know which curriculums are locked and how much xp they need to unlock it?

On the dashboard, locked curriculums will be displayed in gray. Students can hover their mouse over them to see the xp requirement to unlock the curriculum. 

As the teacher, how do I know how much xp is required and how can I change it?

From within your classroom, select the student or students you'd like to view or adjust the xp requirements for. From the flyout menu that appears, select Curriculum. This menu will appear:

You can see the default (or customized) xp requirement under each curriculum where it says "Exp Points". You can click on that field to customize the requirement as well. Once customized, click on the blue Update button to save the change. 

Why would I want to adjust the default xp requirements?

The xp requirements are set with the presumption that a student who has never typed before is using the program for the first time. The defaults are set so that a student will have to have completed a certain amount of worlds with average competency before they'd have enough xp to open them. For example, an average new student will be able to unlock Targeted Practice by the time they've completed World 4.

If your students already have experience typing, you may want to reduce the xp requirement so that the students have more activities to engage with sooner.

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