Select desired class > Class Scheduled Test

Creating a Test

From the Scheduled Test menu, click on the green Create New Scheduled Test button.

Select Your Test Options

Choose a Start Date and End Date: This determines the date range that the test will be available to students - when they login during this range they must complete the test before they can interact with the rest of the program. 

Select the Test Duration: This is 1, 2, or 3-minutes, and determines how long the student has to type the content. The purpose isn't necessarily for the student to complete the content, but to have enough content to determine a students average ability per minute. 

Select Max Tries:  This is how many times the student can redo the test. Note that the student has to complete all tries in one sitting - once they exit the test they cannot then go back and complete any incomplete retry attempts. This is best used if you're using a single end of unit test for the students grade. 

Select Grades:  This determines which students receive the test. Any student in the school (or schools if done as District Admin) will receive the test during the Start Date and End Date. 

Select Content:  You can choose from one of five tests pre-populated with content from Typing Agent, or create your own content. 

Once you've selected your options, you must click the Save button for students to see it. Any unsaved modifications will be lost if you cancel or otherwise close the tab. 

Existing Test Options:  View, Edit, or Delete

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