As you may have heard, Typing Agent is launching a major upgrade this summer. We’re not just making an update, we’re rebuilding the program from the ground up! Please read the following info, as it will likely influence how you prepare for your next round of data management. While this message is focused on data management, you can find other information about existing Typing Agent 5 news on our blog here.  

Must I Upgrade?
Well, we certainly hope that you do as it will be full of exciting new features but unless you're using Clever Sync, the answer is no, you don't need to upgrade. We'll keep Typing Agent 4.4 live (though no updates) through July of 2019. Despite this we encourage you to take advantage of all of the new benefits of Typing Agent 5! (blog) Once TA 5.0 is launched in July you will be prompted on screen to choose which direction you would like to go: Upgrade to 5.0 or stay for one more year in 4.4 (we hope you upgrade). Your school/district domain will remain the same if you stay or upgrade. If you choose to upgrade you will have instant access to 5.0.  Pre Recorded training videos will be available in July and live webinars for 5.0 will be available starting in August.   

If you are using Clever Sync, because of an API update, you must use the new version of Typing Agent. Superficially nothing will change with the sync. However, using the newer API is allowing us to change some of the parameters of how we sync the data to bring data synced through Clever in-line with our new student-focused profiles. A separate message will come out in the next few weeks highlighting any changes that may impact how you share data.

Data Migration
A data migration tool will be available in your current Typing Agent account allowing you to migrate Schools, Teachers/School Admins, Classrooms, Students, or any combination of those data points. You can also start off with a clean slate in the new version.  Staff and admins will still have access to the 4.4 version for reports and student archive information. Typing Agent will not be resetting data for 4.4 this year.

Student Progress
All existing student progress will be lost when you upgrade your account. While you can keep the students themselves (if you migrate them), the new Adaptive Curriculum is not compatible with either the existing Dynamic Curriculum or Classic Curriculum. Some things to consider:

·      Do your students need to keep progress year to year? The most common answer is usually not, as the program is intended to be used in a grade level one year and the next grade level the next year. If you need a record of it, yearly reports can be exported before the upgrade.

·      What if I don’t want my students to start over anyways? The Adaptive Curriculum will start with an assessment that will determine what level of complexity your students start in. Because of this, student complaints about practicing the basics (no matter how beneficial that may be) will be a thing of the past.

·      What if we use a custom curriculum? Typing Agent 5 will have an easier and more intuitive to use custom curriculum option. However, progress will not follow between the two platforms even if the customized curriculum is the same.

Data Entry

We’ll be adding on two new options to load and manage data:

·      ClassLink (initial and ongoing sync)

·      Google Classroom (initial sync only)

 The existing options will still exist as well:

·      Direct CSV Upload

·      ADSM

·      Clever Sync


A new option will be available via ClassLink if you’re syncing data through ClassLink. Our existing options, listed below, will still be available as well:

·      Through Typing Agent directly

·      Clever Instant Login

·      Google SSO

·      Office 365 SSO


In Typing Agent 5, you can also now have multiple District Administrators. No more shared logins!

Also, within the hierarchy (Account Owner>District Admin>School Admin>Teacher>Student) you will be able to restrict activities for staff of a permission set lower than you. For example, as long as an Account Owner hasn’t disabled the ability for the District Admin, a District Admin could disable teachers from adding/deleting students, modifying curriculums, etc. A short video and article will be available before launch showing how this works in detail.

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