Why include a rich-text editor in a typing tutor?

The goal of every typing tutor is to get students to the point where they can free type. Notepad is where students take the training wheels off and learn to ride... uh, type freestyle!

As the teacher it's important to understand that a typing tutor will only take your student so far - they can become extraordinary at copying what's on the screen but remain terrible at typing out their own thoughts. While tutoring in a follow-along curriculum teaches the fundamentals, it's an "advanced" skill set that allows a student to effortlessly express themselves via typing. They can only gain this advanced skill set by taking the training wheels off and free typing.  

You can anticipate students wpm and accuracy to decrease when students begin free typing. This is expected and is part of the learning process as they build the new neuromuscular pathways directly from thought to fingers.

How Notepad Works

Student Experience

You can enable Notepad for students by going to your class, selecting the student(s), clicking Curriculum from the flyout menu, and clicking the blue Assign button under the Notepad curriculum option. 

Once assigned, a new app tile labeled Notepad will appear in the students dashboard.

Each time the student selects the Notepad app, they'll be brought to a blank document. 

They can immediately begin typing a new document and change the subject (as shown in the image above). They can (1) print the document, (2) save the document, or (3) open a previously saved document by clicking on the folder icon. 

In the bottom-left, students can click "Ready for Review" which will flag the teacher that a document is ready for review. See "Teacher Experience" below for how you, as the teacher, can view the document. 

The image below shows the screen a student will see if they click the folder icon to see a list of previously saved documents. 

From this page, the student can see a list of every document they've saved. They can click on the open folder icon to edit it, or the print icon to print directly from the list.

Teacher Experience

From within your class, click on the (1) Notepad icon to view a list of all saved documents. Click on any document (2) in the list to view it. When viewing it, you can print out the document or mark it as reviewed, which will remove the magnifying glass icon from the Status column. 

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