There are up to four categories of data to add into Typing Agent: Schools, Teachers/School Admins, Classrooms, and Students. Teachers & School Admins should be added second, after Schools.  

They can be added in bulk with a CSV file, one at a time with a webform, with automation through Clever, or through self-registration. Both the CSV and web form entry methods include the ability to have Typing Agent email the Teachers and School Admins being added their login credentials.


CSV templates and details on the exact data required can be found under each roles section to add Teachers & School Admins (see below).

  • District Admins can add students via CSV by going to District Dashboard>Teacher/Admin tab, click ‘+ Teacher’, then Upload Teacher.
  • School Admins can add students via CSV by going to School Setup>Upload Teachers.


Teachers & School Admins can be added one at a time using the buillt in webform. 

  • District Admins can add Teachers and School Admins one at a time by going to District Dashboard>Teachers/Admins, selecting Add New Account, and select ‘+ Teacher’ or ‘+ Admin’. 
  • School Admins can add Teachers or other School Admins one at a time by going to Teacher/Admins tab, clicking Add New Account, and select ‘+ Teacher’ or ‘+ Admin’.  


To add Teachers & School Admin via Clever, you must first request to sync with Typing Agent via your Clever Dashboard and be manually connected by Typing Agent. 

  • When a Teacher is added via Clever, they need to be part of the data shared by Typing Agent by the rules you set up in Clever.
  • The default expectation is that teachers added this way will sign in by logging into their Clever dashboard and clicking the Typing Agent icon.
  • If they’re logging directly from their Typing Agent login portal, they will need to use their Typing Agent username and password, not their Clever username and password. They can set a Typing Agent password by using the Forgot Password link from your login portal.  

Teacher Self-Registration

Teachers can self-register with the School Code provided by their Admin. School Admins cannot self-register, though they could register as a teacher and another School Admin or District Admin could update their profile to School Admin. 

  • School Admins can enable or disable self-registration by clicking on School Setup>Log In Portal, the clicking on the lock icon next to School Code. The teachers will need to know the School Code displayed on this page.
  • Teachers will then go to your accounts unique login page and click on the Teacher Self-Registration button, where they’ll fill out the registration form. 
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