Students can be moved between classes and schools using CSV files or manually through the web interface. 


You can move a student using a CSV file by updating the class code column for the student, and using the "u" action code for 'update'. 

  • A District Admin would do this from District Dashboard>Students tab, click '+ Student', then 'Upload Student'. Using the School Code column you can also reassign to a new school. 
  • School Admin's can move students between classes in their school by going to School Setup>Upload Students, selecting '+ Student', then 'Upload Student'. 
  • Teachers can move students between their classes by going to Class Setup>Upload Students, selecting '+ Student', then 'Upload Student'. 


Students can also be moved between classes through the programs web interface. 

  • A District Admin would need to login as the students teacher from the Teacher/Admin tab on the District Dashboard, and follow the same instructions as the School Admin and Teacher listed below. 
  • A School Admin or Teacher would move their student by clicking into the student's existing class, checking the box next to them, scrolling to the bottom of the student roster list, clicking the Move button, selecting the new class, and saving the change. 

Unassigned Students

If a student is not assigned to a class, they'll be unassigned. This list of students can be found by any Teacher or Admin by clicking on the bell icon in the upper-right to the left of your profile picture, then selecting the Unassigned tile. 

  • A District Admin can manually reassign a student from one school to another here. 
  • A School Admin or Teacher would be able to assign the teacher to a class visible to them. 
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