Typing Agent provides several reports to District Admins, including the option to create custom reports. District Admins can also access the Teacher and School Admin reports by logging in as a Teacher or School Admin from the District Dashboard>Teacher/Admin tab.

Usage Report
This report shows how licenses are currently distributed and being used among your schools.

Scheduled Testing
This report shows how a specified grade level did on a given test overall. 

Scheduled Testing Detailed
This report shows how everyone at a specified school did on a given test.

Typing Trends
This report uses a graph to display the typing activity over the past 6 months, for a specified grade level, broken down by lessons, tests, and scheduled tests. 

Time Report
This report shows your specified schools typing time broken down by lessons, tests, and scheduled testing times. This report differentiates between typing at school vs typing at home. School time is set from 7am - 4pm seven days a week and can't be adjusted.

Proficiency Report
This report displays all your students completed lessons and tests that meet the set criteria you input.

Student Login Report
This report allows you to see the number of students logging in by school for a specific date range.

Custom Report Manager
Create custom reports! You can choose to create a report by School or by Students.

For school reports choose from the following data points: School name, Number of Licenses, Number of Licenses used, School address, School phone number, and School code

For student reports choose from the following data points: Username, Password, First name, Last name, Email, Last Login, Teacher first & last name, and Class name

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