Please note that for time-based reports, only productive time is counted. Idle time in the program will be ignored. The following activities have time recorded: 

  • Completing a Lesson or Test
  • Completing Leaderboard Practice lessons
  • Playing games (if Gritcoins is enabled).


Activity Report
This report will show every lesson or test a student has completed. This is a good way to validate work done or see a student/classes complete progress for a time range.

This allows you to download a certificate for students which displays their average WPM and accuracy.

Class List
This provides a list of students in a class, with their login username and password. This is a printable version of the information displayed under your classes Student tab.

Class Codes
This provides a quick reference for class codes. It would be used when creating student csv uploads to identify which class each student is in.

Lesson Mastery Report
The mastery report displays student’s progress through the curriculum and gives a high-level overview on how well they did on each lesson. This is the same graph report displayed under your classes Curriculum tab.

Lesson or Test Focus
Unlike the Activity Report, this report shows you the best score a student has achieved on a specific lesson or test. This can be used if you’re providing a grade or critique of a specific lesson or test.

Lesson Progress Report
This report shows you your students overall progress in the curriculum’s lessons (not tests), including averages for Q-Score, accuracy, and WPM. It also includes a grade based on the data in Gradebook and can be used if you’re giving a grade on a student’s work average.

Proficiency Report
This report will display students completed lessons and tests that meet the criteria you set.

Scheduled Test
Primarily used by school admins, this report will give you an aggregates summary of how well all students in a specific grade did on a scheduled test.

Scheduled Test Trend
This report allows you to view individual students results on a scheduled test, as well as review the delta between two separate scheduled tests.

Typing Trends
This graph provides a visual indicator of how each grade is dong in WPM over time.

Time Report Class
This report displays how much time your entire class has spent typing in the program. Note that in school time 7am-4pm. 

Time Report Students
This report displays how much time individual students in your class have spent typing in the program. Note that in school time 7am-4pm. 

Year Progress
This test shows a student’s overall progress in the curriculum. Unlike the Lesson Progress Report, this report includes tests.

Condensed Report
This report has been replaced by the reports found under the Archive Reports tab.

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