Typing Agent has re-thought student keyboarding development from the ground up, building the world's first Typing Intelligence platform. See your data in a way that empowers you to identify trends and set priorities across your classes. 

Course mapping
Typing Agent uses performance metrics to identify predictors of success in reaching class or individual typing targets.

Automated Response Pattern
Once students have reached a certain level, typeSMART(tm) will alert them and their teachers that keyboarding response patterns will now be automated.

Development levels
Development levels give teachers the best possible information on their students’ progress to achieving typing mastery.

Targets give teachers automated benchmarks based on research for grade-level expected outcomes.

Progress reports
Detailed progress reports provide teachers with vital data to help them see how students are progressing with their keyboarding.

Adaptive learning
typeSMART(tm) adapts to student needs by targeting problem areas and giving students additional practice in those areas.

Pattern Identifiers and Spiraling Curriculum
typeSMART(tm) uses a spiraling curriculum and pattern identifiers to maximize student learning and key memorization.

The Quality Score, or “Q-Score” is based on results from Applied Predictive Technology (APT) studies that found that emphasizing quality over quantity significantly increases typing improvement.

Dynamic Curriculum and Classic Curriculum
Our intelligent design elements put typeSMART(tm) Dynamic Curriculum and typeSMART(tm) Classic Curriculum at the fore of revolutionary typing approaches. Each approach focuses on a different yet equally sound way of teaching keyboarding. Dynamic Curriculum provides a personalized approach to learning to type. The scheduling is adaptive to individual students as the program learns a student’s ability. Students that are more proficient will get longer lessons, while those who are slower at keyboarding will see their lessons adjusted, to minimize frustration. Dynamic Curriculum is designed to allow everyone in the class to finish the course about the same time as it adjusts to the individual. 

Robust admin tools
Regardless of size, Typing Agent will help you manage your school or district’s administrative needs with ease. From heady insights to potent reporting and automated district-wide student management, we have you covered. 

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