Typing Agent provides two curriculums which influence how the teacher and students interact with the program. The default is Dynamic Curriculum, which provides a "plug and play"experience taking full advantage of typeSMART™ technologies. Classic Curriculum is intended for experienced keyboarding instructors who wish to have full manual control over all aspects of the student experience.

For both curriculums, we use a spiraling curriculum. This means that blends and common words are woven into the lessons, and higher grade levels are provided longer lessons and higher‐level vocabulary content. They use logical key progression and establish key memorization with adjacent key sequences.

Dynamic Curriculum

This is the default curriculum of any newly created classroom. It provides the greatest amount of automation and requires the least amount of teacher customization and oversight. Students are able to begin typing right away and will be guided

The two features that impact your class the most are a time requirement per unit and dynamic lesson lengths. 

Time Requirement
Students are required to spend a certain amount of time in each unit before they can move on to the next. This is to encourage students to slow down and focus on accuracy by removing any incentive to rush through lessons. You can find more details on the time requirement and how to customize it here

Dynamic Lesson Length
Traditionally typing teachers have had to have extra material for especially efficient typists, as well as tactics ready to work with students struggling to learn typing skills. Dynamic lesson lengths removes these requirements by adjusting the length of each student's lesson to enough content to challenge them to finish in one to two minutes, ensuring all students are working at their proficiency in the same amount of time.

Classic Curriculum 

This curriculum is intended for experienced typing teachers who want to customize their students experience. All automated features are disabled, and teachers gain complete manual control over all available features and settings. 

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