Mapping is the term we use to describe two features: the time requirement students must spend in a unit when using Dynamic Curriculum, and the ability to create a custom report that maps out students progress in real-time and compares it to your benchmarks. 

Time Requirement

In Dynamic Curriculum, students are required to spend a certain amount of time in each unit before they can move on to the next. This is to encourage students to slow down and focus on accuracy by removing any incentive to rush through lessons. You can find more details on the time requirement and how to customize it here. 

The default time requirement is a combined total of 810 minutes. It is broken up by unit as follows: 

  • Units 1-4: 41-minutes each
  • Units 5-7: 81-minutes each
  • Units 8-9: 122-minutes each
  • Unit 10: 162-minutes

It's expected that students will take 2-3 attempts minimum to achieve their 3-star Targets. If students are achieving 3-stars in under the time requirement, they can continue through scored Leaderboard Practice lessons (if enabled) or you may find it appropriate to increase their typing Targets to ensure the student is challenged to improve with every lesson. 


The Mapping report gives you a up-to-date look at your student's progress compared to your classes end date and benchmark. 

Edit Time Requirements and Customize Report

You edit the time requirements and customize the report parameters together, under the classes Curriculum>Mapping tab.


To update the time requirement and customize the report, all five fields must be filled in.

this is how many times per week you teach typing.

Time Per Session:
this is how many minutes of typing students will complete in each typing session.

Class Benchmark:
this is the WPM you expect your students to meet by the end of the typing course. By default it's set to your 2-star Target.

Start & End Date:
here you enter in the date of your first typing class and the anticipated date of your lass typing class. 


The top row of the report shows you the total time a student must spend in the program, as well as how much time they must spend per unit. When you customize their time requirement you will see the new time immediately displayed here. If it's not as much or as little as you'd like, you can update either the Frequency or Time Per Session until you get the time requirement you want. 


This graph is the report showing you your students progress compared to the end of course goals. 

  • L.x - this shows you how many lessons the student has completed. 
  • xAWPM - this stands for adjusted words per minute and shows you the students overall wpm with mistyped keys subtracted. 

The bar graph for each students progress can be one of three colors:

  • Green indicates the student has already met or suprassed the Benchmark.
  • Yellow indicates the student is nearing the Benchmark and will likely make it by the end of the course.
  • Red indicates that the student will not meet the Benchmark by the end of the course at their current rate of progress.

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