Targets are the accuracy and wpm thresholds students must earn to acheive stars for a completed lesson. The defaults are set based on Common Core Standards for each grade level. You can also customize these Targets for the entire class or individual students. 

To find your classes Targets, go into your class then click on the Targets tab. 

Adjusting Targets

The default settings will challenge most students to achieve 2 or 3-stars without completing the lesson 2-3 times. However, you will encounter students who already have greater proficiency than expected by the defaults or who aren't able to keep up with the default settings. In these circumstances it's appropriate to customize the students (or classes) Targets. 

Both wpm and accuracy can be customized by filling in new values for the fields and clicking the green Update button. You can select a specific student to customize the Targets for by clicking the blue drop-down menu. 

Whether increasing or decreasing the targets, we recommend that...

  • 1-Star targets are set to 1 wpm above their current wpm and the accuracy is set to 80%. 
  • 2-Star targets are set to 2-3 wpm above their 1-Star target and accuracy is set to 85%. 
  • 3-Star targets are set to 4-6 wpm above their 1-Star target and accuracy is set to 90%. 

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