The optional Leaderboard Practice lessons are a fun way to keep students engaged with a constructive typing competition. When enabled (on by default) students can access these lessons after they've completed the 10 core lessons of the unit. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Each lesson is timed. Students will have 2-minutes to type as accurately as possible. They are not expected to be able to complete all of the content and should be able to type the entire 2-minutes. 
  • Like tests, students will be able to move forward in the leaderboard lessons without typing the correct letter. They can use the backspace to correct any mistakes made. 
  • Their score is based primarily on accuracy, followed by words per minute. Students looking to achieve a high score should slow down and focus on accuracy. 
  • The leaderboard will display the names, avatars, and scores of the six students with the highest scores. Teachers can see the leaderboard score of every student in their class under the Leaderboard tab.
  • Each units leaderboards score is added to the one before it, allowing students to keep their score between units. 
  • These lessons do not count towards a student's grade, but do count towards their time in the program. 
  • Once a student has completed enough time in a unit to unlock the next unit, a closed sign will appear in the leaderboard section. Students can still complete the lessons, but will not earn any additional scores. This will prompt even the most competitive of students to move on to the next units lessons!

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