Typing Agent provides several settings to help teachers customize their students typing experience. The settings are found by going into a class and selecting the Settings tab. 

Class Settings

Grade: The grade level determines the default Targets, lesson content, and Game World.

Password Change: Allows students to change their own password from their “My Account” section.

Display on Dashboard: This class will appear on your Dashboard on the days you select. 

Lesson Settings

allows you to select between Dynamic Curriculum and Classic Curriculum. Some settings will not be available in Dynamic Curriculum as the automation requires them to always be enabled or disabled.

Lessons in Order requires students to complete each lesson and unit in order. When disabled, students can work on any lesson from any unit. 

Correct Letter Required requires the students to type the correct letter to continue the lesson. It’s recommended that this feature remain enabled until students are typing 25+ AWPM. 

Allow Backspace allows a student to use the backspace key to correct an error. It cannot be combined with Correct Letter Required. When enabled, you may notice that accuracy improves while WPM decreases.

Require 1-Star requires students to achieve the 1-star Target metrics to move on to the next lesson. This feature is most appropriate for classes of students with some typing experience.

Accuracy Reward rewards students for accuracy by providing a blue star on-screen and a sound when they’ve typed 25-characters in a row without error.

Enable Unit Tests will add a test to the end of each unit. The student is not forced by the program to take the test. 

Leaderboard Practice allows students access to the Leaderboard Practice lesson section.

Hide Keyboard will hide the onscreen keyboard from students. This is only recommended for students typing with high accuracy who are ready for the challenge of completing accurate typing without looking at a keyboard.

Practice Letters provides students the option after every lesson to complete an additional activity focusing on letter keys they had difficulty with in the proceeding lesson, along with an end of unit activity to practice all keys they had difficulty with in the unit.

Game Settings

These settings allow you to disable games or gamify the students game experience.

Games being checked allows students to play games.

Use Gritcoins will require students to earn and spend Gritcoins to play games. They earn Gritcoins by completing lessons and will be prompted to spend them to access available games. 

Gritcoins Per Lesson determines how any Gritcoins students earn for each completed lesson. Each Gritcoin is worth one minute of gameplay. 

Game World determines the library of games available to the student. It’s defaulted based on the classrooms grade level. 

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