When completing an activity (lesson, text, etc) you receive a "Not Connected to the Server" error message. 


When a lesson is completed the program sends a ping to our server. If the ping is not received this message appears to let the student know that the lesson (or test) is not currently saved at the moment. Sometimes this can occur when the users computer temporarily loses connectivity to the internet or if an Ad Blocker plug-in has been installed on their browser.

To resolve the issue, please do the following: 

  1.   Check to see if the icon on their computer indicates that they are currently connected to the internet.
   2.   If connected to the internet then open another tab in the same browser. Validate the connection by going to a commonly available website, such as If you can reach the website you have verified your internet connection.
   3.   Next verify if you have an Ad Blocker. Check your browser plug-ins/extensions to see if there is one and if it's enabled.
   4.   If you have an enabled Ad Blocker, see if has the ability to whitelist websites. If so, whitelist "".
   5.   If whitelisting doesn't work try temporarily disabling the Ad Blocker and completing a lesson, or try using a different browser without the Ad Blocker.  

If these steps do not fix the issue please contact Typing Agent at with a description of the issue and what steps you've already taken (so we don't ask you to immediately try them again). 

How can I tell if my computer is connected to the internet?

To determine is your computer is connected to the internet either by wi-fi or CAT5 hard wire. There is an icon displayed to let you know. Below are examples of icons from different operating systems showing both Connected and not Connected.

Mac OSX Connect 

Windows 10 Connected 

Windows 7 Connected

Mac OSX not Connected

Windows 10 not Connected

Windows 7 not Connected

Mac OSX CAT5 Connect

Windows 10 CAT5 Connected

Mac OSX CAT5 not Connected

Windows 10 CAT5 not Connected 


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