Keyboarding Foundation K2

This curriculum is appropriate for younger typers, especially those Kindergarten through second grade. It incorporates a cartoonish theme and narratively driven lessons to teach students the basics of how to use an external mouse, along with the home row, top row, and bottom row of the keyboard.
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Keyboarding Foundation K3

This curriculum is appropriate for any typers already familiar with the alphabet and who have the hand-span to fully use their keyboard. Generally, 3rd grade +. Through it students will learn the entire keyboard in a fun and dynamic way!
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Digital Citizenship

This curriculum, geared towards students in grades 3-8, provides nine videos teaching the core of being a great Digital Citizen, along with quizzes on the video content and 15 additional scenario-based questions. In addition to the in-app content a teachers syllabus for classroom discussion is provided.
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Basic & Advanced Code Lessons

Learning to code is the new literacy for students. Just like we study science to learn about the world around us, technology is an increasingly important part of our lives. Learning to code is an essential skill for the 21st-century learner.

Typing Agent has introduced transitional coding exercises to teach students accuracy and fluidity in programming. This will help them have success typing real code in a freeform environment and minimize their frustration.
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Spanish Lessons

Learn to type Spanish with a virtual US International keyboard curriculum.
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Targeted Practice

This curriculum helps students by focusing on letters they're having trouble with in a fun racing environment! The students will have one-minute to type accurately type as much as they can. As they make key mistakes, the program will dynamically include more words with the missed key in it ensuring the student is getting plenty of practice with their problem keys. 

This curriculum is appropriate for students who have  completed Worlds 1-3, or already have basic typing competency.

Type Your Own Adventure

A primary character in the K2 curriculum, students of all ages will learn the backstory of Professor Qwertius in this interactive choose your own adventure style typing experience! 

Given narrative control, students will choose from 2-3 options on each story beat. They'll be presented with an image, ongoing story to read, and then will click to select the option they want to type out to continue the story. 

Like choose your own adventure books, there are several ways to progress, some of which conclude the story, and others that will send you back to the beginning. Students will have hours of fun in this ever evolving story!

This curriculum is appropriate for students who have completed Worlds 1-4, or already have basic typing competency. 


A rich-text editor where students can practice free typing and preparing for online exams.
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