This curriculum is appropriate for younger typers, especially those Kindergarten through second grade. It incorporates a cartoonish theme and narratively driven lessons to teach students the basics of how to use an external mouse, along with the home row, top row, and bottom row of the keyboard.

This is the default curriculum to learn typing for students associated with the grades kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd. It can be manually assigned to any student grades 3rd-12th. 

To get started, students click on the red flashing Start button and then follow the verbal and written instructions. 

Scope and Sequence

Best practice is for students to type 10-15-minutes per day at least 3-5 days per week. Shorter more frequent sessions are better than longer less frequent lessons. 

Each flag includes a Learn to Type tutorial, which explains the new concepts or keys with an interactive narrative. Flag 2-15 also includes one or more practice lessons which reinforces the keys learned in the Learn to Type lesson. 

Flags 0 teaches the mouse, Flag 1 Ergonomics, Flags 2-6 the home row, Flags 7-11 the top row, and Flags 12-15 the bottom row.

After the final flag, the students will be met with a diagnostic test to gauge their keyboarding progress. From here, they will have 2 more mountains to climb, which incorporate capital letters, punctuation and finally full words.

Between each mountain, they will have a diagnostic test.

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