Gritcoins are awarded for completing lessons independent from Experience Points. Each time a student completes a lesson in any curriculum for the first time, they will earn 5 Gritcoins. 

Students can see how many Gritcoins they have earned by looking for the Gritcoin icon at the top of their page. 

Students can spend Gritcoins on:

New Avatars: 

With three different categories of avatars with different costs a student can customize there TA avatar. To access these, the student would click on the Gritcoin icon from their dashboard header. 

Time in the Game Arcade:

Administrators and teachers can enable an option to allow students to spend Gritcoins to play games in our typing game arcade. Game time is purchased in increments of 10 minutes. The cost of game time is 1 Gritcoin for every minute of game time. 

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