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What are "Gritcoins", and what are they used for?

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First of all, what are "Gritcoins"?

Gritcoins are awarded for successfully completing activities in Keyboarding Foundations, Digital Citizenship, Basic Code, Advanced Code and Agent Challenge curriculums. When students finish the activity with your standard of accuracy, they earn five (5) Gritcoins. No (0) Gritcoins are given for repeated lessons they've already finished.

Students can view how many Gritcoins they've earned by checking their status bar at the top of their page:

What are Gritcoins used for?

New Avatars: 

With three different categories of avatars with different costs, students can customize their online Typing Agent personas. These avatars will appear on the leaderboard, and next to a students' name on their own individual page.

Time Playing Games:

Administrators and teachers can enable the feature that allows students to spend Gritcoins to play games in the program. Game time is purchased in increments of 10 minutes. The cost of game time is one (1) Gritcoin for each minute of playtime. If students do not use all of their purchased time in one sitting, the remaining portion will be available for use when they log on the next time. 

Additionally, here's a video walkthrough of how to use Gritcoins.

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