Here at Typing Agent, we believe that learning should be fun! Because of this, we've included several typing games for students of any grade level to play. While it's up to you to decide which games (or if they are even available!) your students can play, here you can learn more about each one.

Multi-Player Games

In multi-player games, students can play against other students in their class. There will always have a robot (computer) opponent available in case others students are not, making these also a single-player option.

When a player selects an opponent, that opponent will receive a request they must agree to to play.  

Similar to its analog progenitor, the two players will take turns typing words to target specific squares. The objective is to sink the opponent's battleship. In this game, accuracy is more important than speed.

Doodle Memory
A memory game that challenges students to memorize words on cards. Players take turns typing words to flip the cards, the goal being to make a match. The student with the most matches at the end wins.

Penalty Kick
In this game, two players will type at the same time, with the winner being the typist who completes their word the fasted with 100% accuracy. 

There are two roles: kicker and goalie. Players swap roles each round. If the kicker wins, they gain a point. If the goalie wins, the they deny their opponent a point. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Single-Player Games

This game requires both accuracy and speed to succeed. The player will control a stationary ship and destroy asteroids by typing in the words or letters listed on the asteroid.

Cliff Type
This game is a mountain-climbing adventure that focuses on accuracy, but there is a time limit on how long it takes the player to climb the mountain, which can be used as an incentive to type accurately and quickly.

In this game, the player must stop franken-monsters from getting from one side of the screen to the other by typing the words or keys listed on each franken-monster.

Like the arcade game that spawned it, players must defeat rows of alien invaders by typing the corresponding keys. 

This speed game tests players by having them type in the word to shoot a grapple towards an object. The player must align the grapple with their target. Students will not be successful at this game if they must look at their keyboard to type. 

River Run
This speed game challenges the player to overcome obstacles on the river they are canoeing down by typing the keys or words on each obstacle before their raft runs into it.  Speed plays a large role in this game, but accuracy is also very important!

This speed game challenges students to type the keys on each rocket before it reaches the top of the screen. 

It allows students to customize their experience by customizing if they'll use all rows (home, bottom, top) or just one of those. It also allows them to select if they'll type random characters or words, and if those words will include capitalization. This is the only game which can include the shift key. 

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