As a teacher, you have access to your class’ reports. These reports can be found by selecting the class you wish to view. Once loaded, you will be placed on the “Students” tab. At the top next to the Students tab is “Analytics”. Select Analytics tab. In Analytics you will find many options for various reports available for your class.


Leaderboard:  A list of students arranged by performance


Progress Report:  A visual representation of a students progress through a selected curriculum.  Be sure to select the desired Curriculum that you wish to view from the dropdown menu.

Once selected, a list of all students who are assigned this curriculum in your class will appear with icons to mark their progress.  Note the icon legend at the top right of the graph.


Time Report: A per curriculum report that shows total time spent for each student.  

When no option for curriculum is selected, the pie chart will display an entire classes cumulative time for each curriculum.

Select the desired curriculum you wish to view by clicking and selecting an option from the drop down menu to the left. 

Once a curriculum is selected the pie chart will change to a per student breakdown of time spent on this curriculum. Also a list will appear below with options to select a specified date range. There is also a box provided to allow you to filter out days with no records. This information can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the blue download button located above the students names. 


Diagnostic Tests: Displays results from end of curriculum tests in the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ after World 4.

At the top right the chart can be filtered by selecting an individual student. 


Custom Reports:  A report where you set parameters to pull specific information. As a teacher you are given two categories to choose from, Students and Classroom. 

Once you select your category,  two windows with data options will appear. Select the options for the data you wish to retrieve. To select options, click and highlight your selections then move the options using the arrows in between the 2 windows. Once you have all the options you wish move to the right window you will click on Run Report.  Please note: the options on the right are movable by clicking and dragging to allow for order of appearance on the report. The top most option will appear first on the left. 

After clicking on Run Report the information from your query will appear below the green Run Report button. If you wish to export this data as a .CSV click on the blue download icon located next to the Run Report button. 

For definitions of the options in a Custom Report click the button below.

Custom Report Definitions


Placement Tests:  Displays the results of the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ curriculum placement test. 


Grade Level Scheduled Tests: View the results of completed or ongoing Grade Level Scheduled Tests.

To view the results of a specific test click on the "eye" icon to the right of a selection. 


Class Scheduled Tests:  View the results of completed or ongoing class level scheduled tests.

To view the results of a test click on the "eye" icon to the right of a selection.


Activity Summary:  A report that shows the activity of your class broken down into four filters:  Today, Yesterday, 7 days, and 30 days. The report also allows you to view a detailed version (selected by default) or a summary version with less information. 


Focus Report:  A report that allows you to look at specific lesson or test in a chosen curriculum.  Select the curriculum you wish to view by clicking on the dropdown selection menu. 

Once the desired curriculum is selected a new dropdown option will appear to the right. 

After selecting the desired lesson or test the results will appear below. 

Teachers can choose to export or print the results by clicking the Print or Download icon located on the top right of the results. 

Active Student Curriculum: This is a report that shows which areas of the program your students are working on. Curriculum icons lit in green are currently active, curriculum icons grey'd out are either not enabled or experience points have not been earned for them to enable.  Upon accessing this report, you will see the following:

Displayed will be the student’s Name, Curriculum, Grade, Total Time spent in Typing Agent holistically, and the students’ last login.

In order, the curriculum tiles indicate Keyboarding Foundations K-2, Keyboarding Foundations 3+, Digital Citizenship, Basic Code, Advanced Code, Spanish Lessons, Targeted Practice, Type Your Own Adventure, Notepad and then Agent Challenge.

Hover over one of these titles to find the following information:

Displayed is the:

Curriculum Name
Lessons Completed/Lessons Available
Percentage of Curriculum Completed

Final Evaluation Test: The Final Evaluation Test is the exam located at the end of Keyboarding Foundations 3+. This report shows your students’ scores for this test, as seen in the screenshot below:

It will show the students’ names, date completed, the accuracy and WPM as well as a grade earned.  This report is downloadable and printable.

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