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Learn about the Placement Tests in 3+ Keyboarding Foundations

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Placement Tests

Placement tests are found in the 3+ Foundations Keyboarding Curriculum.

Students are required to take a placement test when first entering Typing Agent.  This test will use their results and their grade-level targets to place them on their paths of learning within the program.  Based on how well they performed, students will be placed anywhere from Paths A to D, with A being those who need to start from the basics. Placement Tests are timed and students will have 1 minute to complete the test.  

When taking the placement test if students do not achieve the following benchmarks for their particular grade level they will automatically start from the home row. If students successfully pass home row with these rates, we will use the same character count to test their top row then bottom row proficiencies, sequentially. This means that a student who knows how to type well can end up taking a 3-minute test whereas the beginner's test will last one minute only. use the same character count for top row. If they pass the top row, then they move on to bottom row. This test is intended to be taken one time only.

Placement Test Benchmarks per Grade Level

Example Path Message Display:

Question:  Can a placement test be retaken by a student?

Yes.  Although placement tests are not designed to be retaken, if for any reason you feel you would like to give your student another opportunity to be placed in the program, as a teacher you can reset the data for that particular student and upon the next login, they will be offered the placement test again.

To reset a students placement test:

>> Navigate to your Classroom Dashboard

 >> Select the Students Name

>> Select “Edit Student” from the right fly out menu 

>> Check Box “Do not upgrade with reset progress” (This box should only remain unchecked if you would like to promote student to next grade level with reset)

>> Click Reset Student Progress (You will see a few warnings, just to make sure you are certain.

>> Student should now be able to login and take Placement Test again 

Additionally, here is a video containing more information on Placement Tests (6:30):


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