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Google Classroom Setup: (Teacher, School Admin & Standalone Single School Admin)
Google Classroom Setup: (Teacher, School Admin & Standalone Single School Admin)

How to set up your Typing Agent school with Google Classroom

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Google Classroom Sync

Typing Agent allows Google Classroom sync with your teacher/school account. As a teacher or school administrator (admin), you can perform this function.

To enable Google rostering, go to the +Classroom tab as a Teacher or School Admin

(near top left). Press the Green +Classroom button in order to create a new classroom. Then, click on the Import class from Google button. When you do this, a Connect with Google button will appear.

When you click that Connect with Google button, you will be prompted to log into your Google account in order to authenticate this connection.

Select the account you use for your Google Classroom purposes.

Approve the account permissions to allow rostering your classroom.

Once connected to the Google Account, you will get a confirmation and can now close this tab. If you don't get that message, make sure you're using the correct address you used to connect your school account with Google Classroom and try approving your classrooms connecting with Typing Agent again.

Now you will be able to select the Google Classrooms you want to roster into Typing Agent. To see your connected classes, select the Click Here area as seen in the screenshot below:

You will then get a list of your classrooms:

Once you've made your class selection, you get five 5 options:

  1. You may rename your classroom

  2. Select the Main Teacher for the classroom

  3. Option to add other teachers to this classroom

  4. Select the Grade Level for your class. (Important for curriculum purposes.)

  5. Option to select the days you see this group of students. (Helpful for those with numerous classrooms because this pushes the classrooms to the top of your classroom list on the left with a yellow star on that particular day.)

Once you've done your edits, click >> Create to generate the classroom and import its students into Typing Agent. You will see it on the left of your screen:

Your imported Google Classroom will look like this with a Google Classroom icon:

Adding new students to an existing Classroom

There are two things to be aware of when working with Google Classroom and Typing Agent.

1: Re-Importing the same class

When re-syncing an existing classroom to add new students into your classroom, the following needs to be noted:

Whenever a classroom is imported, a new one will be created whether or not it already exists. This will duplicate the classroom if it was imported previously. The new class will have your current students imported. The old class will not update.

NOTE: Each student can be in multiple classes with the same username and password. So the work a student does will show up in multiple classes as the same work. ( A student can ONLY be in one school at a time.)

To prevent duplicate classrooms in your list, it is best to do one of two things:

Option. 1: Delete the old classrooms and students.

Deleting the Class will NOT delete the students. If the student is only in one classroom, they will move to the Unassigned Students area in your rostering list. (If students are in multiple classrooms, they will remain in those classrooms and will not be in the Unassigned Students area.)

Now re-import the deleted Google Classroom into Typing Agent. This will bring all new students into this new classroom as well as move those who were put in the Unassigned Students area back into this classroom. You won't have to look for them and their data will remain with them!

(Note: If your Google classroom had any manually created student accounts in it, those students will not be automatically re-enrolled when the classroom will be re-imported from Google. You will have to find them in the Unassigned Students area where you can select and move them back into the classroom).

If you had made any changes in Settings or Accommodations in the previous account, make sure that everything remained as you had them. Nothing should have changed but it never hurts to confirm that things remained as you wanted them.

Option 2: Move the new students to the old class.

If the old classroom has custom settings applied to it, use this second option to move the students to the old classroom and then delete the old class. To help you with this, the Nickname field may be used to identify the original classroom that you had prior to importing the classroom a second time.

Example of some custom settings that may have been set and can be applied to the new imported classroom or students can be moved into the original class.

Once you have imported the second classroom, go back and make adjustments to that new classroom using the notations you made in the "old" classroom.

Common Error when importing student(s)

Notice the error message in red below that you may get when you try to import your students:

Students can only be in one (1) school only. Sometimes teachers or the students themselves have created demo accounts using their school usernames. Because usernames must be unique, you will get an error message when you try to import them with that username. To get this sorted out:

  1. Copy the list of students for whom you're getting that error message. Ask your other teachers if they had rostered the students in another account they may have created previously when exploring Typing Agent; or

  2. Write to giving the students usernames that are giving you the error. The Support Team will look and delete them if the old accounts are still the database. You will then be able to find them

Here, you'll be able to watch a video walkthrough of how to connect your Google Classroom with Typing Agent:

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