Google Classroom Sync

Typing Agent allows Google Classroom sync with your teacher/school account. As a teacher or school admin you can perform this function.

1. To enable this go to the Classroom tab as a Teacher or School AdminĀ 

2. Click on the Connect a Google Classroom Account button and sign in to your google account.

Once connected to the Google Account

3. Select the Google Classroom Class you would like to roster into Typing Agent:

4. Select the options for your class to import: (options explained below)

  1. This is an option for you to rename your class
  2. Select the Primary Teacher for the class
  3. Option to add additional teachers here
  4. Select the Grade for your class
  5. Option to select the days your class will take place

Click >> Create to create the class and import the students

Your imported Google Classroom will show up like this on the left bar of your dashboard, with a Google Classroom icon

Here, you'll be able to watch a video walkthrough:

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