It is important that you upgrade your Typing Agent Classic account. Upgrading to Typing Agent 5.0 is very easy! There is no cost to use the latest version. Here's what you have to do:

Step 1: From inside your Classic Dashboard:  Click the "Upgrade" button.

In the upper right-hand corner of your classic dashboard, you will see the orange “Upgrade” button. This will prompt the upgrade menu.

NOTE: The upgrade to Typing Agent 5.0 can only be done by the lead administrator of this account. If you see an Upgrade button at the top right, then you know you are that person. If you only see Upgrade Information, then you will need to contact your master account holder to perform the upgrade.

Step 2: Choose Specific Steps

Please know that for security reasons, we require passwords to be reset. For teachers, you may send them a reset email so they choose their own or you may simply require everyone to use the same one. For students, once they're over, you can update a CSV file to update their passwords. Notice that there are question marks next to each action. Hover over them to get details about what commands will be executed with each step.

  • Many people have questions about the "We use ADSM to manage student updates" line. If your school does not upload students nightly using our SFTP upload, then this line does not apply to you so leave the box unchecked.
  • A password reset prompt will be sent to all your staff. Every account will need to reset their password upon logging in to Typing Agent 5 for the first time. If you don't send this e-mail, your staff will not be able to login and will need to reset their password.
  • Communicate with students that they will need to use the new password you set when they log into TA5 the first time or update your CSV file within TA5 to put in the passwords you'd like them to use.

    You will also need to change your own password - enter this in the "Master Account Password" field.

    Step 3: Select Data To Migrate

You’ll be given the option to migrate all of your accounts and information (or none of it) to Typing Agent 5. This is very important, especially if you’re doing this after the start of the school year and before the end of it.

Here are some possible scenarios you may consider with each option:

  1. Master Account Only: If you are planning to further sync your district with Clever, ClassLink or Google Classroom, you may want to only reset your own account and leave the rest of the data behind.
  2. Schools, Teachers, Classrooms, Students: If you are upgrading during the middle of the year or have the same school setups, you may want to migrate all data so as to not have to re-enter any students or staff.
  3. Schools, Teachers, Classrooms: This may be a good option if you are choosing to upgrade before a new school year begins so that you do not carry any of the previous year's data over.
  4. Students Only: This is only recommended for major changes in which staff, classrooms and schools are no longer valid and only the student accounts and the master accounts will be transferred to Typing Agent 5.

You should see these changes take effect immediately after performing the upgrade.

Step 5: Logging In

Your school or district domain will now point to Typing Agent 5 and is now much more convenient! Now, instead of navigating to “” and typing in your domain (which you can still do to access the Classic version whenever you need to) you will login with your new URL and it will look like this:

https://<your domain here>

Log in with your username and your new password.

Congrats! You’ve upgraded to our newest and best version of Typing Agent.

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