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What is the Final Evaluation:

The Final Evaluation is an automatic final exam administered to students at the end of their curriculum. It can be used as a gauge to compare with the initial Diagnostic Test, or a requirement to pass Typing Agent.

Some important things to know about the Final Evaluation:

  1. Students can take this test multiple times. Their best score will be the one recorded.

  2.  The final itself will consist of one of 10 random Amendments to the Bill of Rights.
        This randomization is meant to prevent memorization of any one test.

  3. The time limit is 2 minutes.

  4. The test is graded based on the 2 Star targets set for that student specifically.

    The goal is not required to get a score, but used as a baseline to encourage students to meet the highest standards set for that student.

    Where can I find the results?

The Final Evaluation report can be found on the dashboard under More Reports or in the class under Reports. 

The report will show the student name, date/time completed, best accuracy/WPM achieved, final grade, and certificate download option based on the results. 

• Results can be printed or downloaded to a CSV file from the top right corner of the report. 

• Only students that have completed the Final Evaluation will be listed in the report. 

Additionally, each student will have an optional certificate showing their achievement a teacher can download from this report. After the certificate is downloaded, a teacher may print the certificate for the student showing the result to congratulate their star typist!

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