1. What is simple login? Simple login permits students to log into Typing Agent using easy to remember usernames and passwords.

  2. Who can activate Simple Login? Because it can only be activated at the class level, only teachers, school admins, and standalone single school admins can enable this feature.

  3. For whom is Simple Login for? It is designed for K-2, special needs, or any student who may have difficulty remembering longer login usernames and passwords.

  4. Why should we use Simple Login? By using Simple Login, students get into Typing Agent easily hence giving them more time to practice their keyboarding and technology skills. 

  5. When should we use Simple Login? You may use this from the beginning of the school year or whenever you find it is needed.

  6. How do I set up Simple Login? Login with your teacher credentials > Select Classroom > Settings > Click “Show Passwords“ and “Enable Simple Login.” A unique Typing Agent web address will appear. Copy this address because this is where only this class will log in. Your teacher’s screen will look like this:

Click on "Students" again to view the usernames and passwords these students will use to login. That page will look now look like this:

Teachers print the login cards. Cut out and distribute the Typing Agent Student Login Cards to the corresponding students. The card will contain important information such as: where each student logs in, a username, and a password. 

Here's an example of a login card:

Here’s an example of what students see when they use the Simple Login link:  

To log in, students click on their names, select the number or icon that represents their “secret code” or passwords, then click the blue Login button. They will automatically get in if they put in the correct information. It’s as easy as that.

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