Important Note: Performing this action will require students to retake the Diagnostic test and grade 3 or higher retake the Placement test.

If your student did the placement test and was placed on Path A or Path B and you'd like them to take that test again, or if you just want him/her to start everything over again, the only way to do this is to reset that student’s data. (If you want to do this for more than one student, you still have to reset the data one student at a time.) When you reset the data, students start from scratch by doing the test(s) again. K-2 students redo the Diagnostic Test only while all others redo both the Placement Test and the Diagnostic Test. To reset the data, you:

1. Click on the classroom on the left.

2. Select one student's name.

3. Select "Edit Student" from the fly-out menu that will appear on the right.

4. Check box "Do not upgrade with reset progress". If you were to leave this unchecked, this student will be promoted to the next grade level so if s/he were in grade 3, s/he will be moved up to grade 4. (This option is not available for students who were put in their classrooms by a rostering platform like ClassLink or Clever so move on to the next step.)

5. Click the red "Reset Student Progress” button. Ignore the warnings if you really want to have all of this student's data purged so far.

After you've done these steps and saved everything, your student should now be able to log in and start from the beginning of this year’s use of Typing Agent.

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