Because Typing Agent is a program tailored to each students’ individual needs, you may find it helpful to edit a student’s (or group of students’) Target Settings.

What are Target Settings?

Target settings are proficiency requirements that each student must meet to pass a lesson. Essentially, the teacher is given the ability to decide just how many WPM a student must achieve on a timed lesson as well as accuracy percentage in order to attain an appropriate grade. 

What are the programs default settings?

Typing Agent's default settings are as follows for 3+ Keyboarding Foundations:

Students mush earn at least 2 stars to be able to advance to next lesson (Standard Proficiency)

Students will be asked to retake a lesson 4 times and if they are not able to pass after the 4th attempt they will be allowed to move on without passing.

How do I adjust these target settings for my class or for an individual student?

To adjust by Classroom:

From your dashboard, select a class from the left hand menu.

Once you’ve selected your class, navigate to the “Settings” tab.

Then, under “Settings”, navigate to “Target Settings”.

Now, you have the option to set which WPM/accuracy combinations denote 3 stars achieved, 2 stars achieved, and 1 star achieved. Scrolling down, you can also adjust the proficiency requirements, meaning that you can adjust how many times a student can attempt a lesson before being allowed to move on without passing. You also have the option to reset settings to default, which means that they will be set to the defaults determined by your master account holder.

How do I adjust Target Settings for individual student or students:

From the left menu of your dashboard, select the classroom that the student or students are in:

In the center of your screen, using the check marks, select the student or students you wish to adjust the Target Settings for:

The fly out menu will appear on the right side, select >> Accommodations

Once you have selected Accommodations a screen displaying the various Accommodation settings will appear displaying the student or students you have chosen at the top.  (If you wish to delete a student from this action, you can click the "x" next to their name in the upper section)

From here you can adjust the student or students Target and Proficiency Requirements as you see fit. You also have the option to reset settings to default, which means that they will be set to the defaults determined by the program or your master account holder.

Please note:  When looking at Classroom Target settings, if individual student(s) Target Settings have been customized, settings will be grayed out, indicating a customization exists.  To view those particular customized settings, go to the individual student Target Settings view.

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