The Basic Code curriculum is a great way for students to build their accuracy learning to type code with lines of HTML and Javascript in order to create a Flappy Bird-style game for the student to play upon completion.

The first lesson offers a snippet of HTML code for the student to practice typing, and the following offer Javascript snippets as shown below:

After your student has completed the curriculum and typed the code accurately, they can play the Flappy Bird game that they have “coded” into creation!

How do I enable “Basic Code”?

You can enable Basic Code for an entire class, or for a specific student/group of students. 

For class:

 Navigate to your class, then to your Settings tab.

From here, select Curriculum.

You can set the number of Experience Points required for students to unlock Basic Code lessons or simply enable it right away for them by entering 0.

For specific students: 

Navigate to your class, then to your Students tab.

 Select a student or group of students, then navigate to Curriculum in the right fly out menu.

You can set the experience points necessary for it to be unlocked for that particular student, or simply enable it immediately for them by entering 0 on the Experience Points line.

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