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Game Management (Teacher & School Administrator)
Game Management (Teacher & School Administrator)

How to manage games per class as a Teacher or a School Administrator.

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The “fun” part of learning is very important to retaining information, especially for young minds! While Typing Agent is jam-packed with all sorts of games, you may want to be sure your students are completing their lessons and using their time in the program responsibly. 

How do I enable or disable games for my entire class?

To enable or disable games for the entire class, navigate to the class from your dashboard.

Once in your class, navigate to the Settings tab.

Once in your Settings, navigate to the Games tab.

From here, you’ll see a list of students in the class followed by a list of options.

Enable All Games, if checked, will enable all the games that are checked beneath it. For example, if you wanted to enable all games except for multiplayer games such as Battleships, you would select “Enable All Games” and check each game except for Battleships.

Disable Games, If checked, will disable all games. You will see all the games beneath greyed out, and your students will not be able to play them.

Use Gritcoins, if checked WITH Enable All Games, will allow students to use Gritcoins to “buy” time to play games. Game time will be purchased in increments of 10 minutes worth of lessons. The cost of game time is 1 Gritcoin for every minute of game time. 

Experience Points Needed, by default, is 2650 for students in grades 3+, and 1230 for students in grades K-2. You are able to enter any amount of Experience Points needed to play games, or enter 0 to not require them at all. If at any time you'd like to see how many Experience Points are required for games, hover over the question mark. Here, you'll see our default setting, or that which was set by your administrator.

How do I set game accommodations for individual students?

To enable or disable games for a specific student or group of students, navigate to the class from your dashboard.

Once in your class, navigate to the Students tab.

From here, select the student(s) you would like to adjust game settings for. Once selected, you will see a flyout menu on the right-hand side of the screen. From here, select Accommodations.

From here, navigate to the Games tab.

Here, you will see the options to enable, disable, or use gritcoins for games. Refer to the above question for a description of what each of these functions do.

If you’ve set custom accommodations for a single student, it’s important to know that the global class game settings will not be just greyed-out boxes and check marks, but some settings will be replaced by a blue bar as shown below:

This is to indicate that some students have settings that are not common to other students. For example, if specific Sample Student above has games disabled, then all games as well as “Enable Games” and “Use Gritcoins” will have a blue bar to indicate that the settings will not be made for all students.

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