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View and/or Delete Student Progress (General)
View and/or Delete Student Progress (General)

How to view and/or individual student progress.

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The ability to view and/or delete your student’s progress is a powerful and easy option.  It allows you to edit student lessons, manage badges, delete specific progress and generate an overview for that specific student. This is great tool for parent-teacher conferences, for send-home reports and to hone in on any specific student’s curriculum in general.

To access this feature, navigate to your Classroom.

Then, navigate to your Students tab.

From here, click the hyperlink of the name of the student whose progress you’d like to view.

The top of the page will display the students name, the last date/time they logged in and 3 tabs for you to choose from Summary/Curriculum/Badges:

Summary Tab:

Here, you can see the student’s speed compared to the rest of their class class, as well as compared to the rest of their grade. You can also view the goals of time spent, accuracy and frequency in the graph displayed. Additionally, you will see the average minutes and lessons the student has spent typing in the program per week.

Curriculum Tab: 

On this page you will have the opportunity to view curricula the student has been assigned and completed along with performance data.

To delete specific lessons in the Keyboarding Foundations K-2, Keyboarding Foundations 3+ or any of the curriculums available, select the option.

You can view progress from the past 7 days, 30 days, or all of the student’s cumulative time.

Now, you will see a list of all that your student has completed. From here, you can also erase progress on specific lessons by clicking the x button next to a lesson.

When deleting a lesson by pressing "x", you will see this message confirming what you are about to do. When you delete the score, the student must redo this lesson.

Badges Tab:

Navigate to this tab to see which badges the student has earned, you also have the option to remove and award them here using the red and green buttons.

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