When starting with Typing Agent 5, it is always advisable to go through and familiarize yourself with the Getting Started articles we have for District Admins, School Admins and Teachers. In them you may review in-depth articles, with screenshots, in the Solution Center found on your landing page under this icon.

or under your name at the top right of your dashboard:

Before you can take off running, here is some other information that will help you as you will need to upload your data. You must add your district's data in this order: schools, classrooms, staff, and then students. Each step has a blue button you can click for more in-depth instructions on each type of data you'll add.

1. Adding Schools

As in reality, we start with the place so you begin by adding your schools before doing anything else.

2. Adding Classes
After you've added your schools, you'll need to add classrooms within those schools.

3. Adding Staff
When you've added your schools and classrooms, now you may add your school staff. There are two primary roles of staff in Typing Agent: School administrator(within your district) and Teacher. The school administrator (within your district) will manage all classrooms within his or her school while the teacher will manage only the classroom(s) to which they are assigned. It may be helpful to refer to our Role Overview guide if you require more information on these two types of staff.

4. Adding Students

Now that you've established your schools, classrooms and staff, it's time to add in your students. There are multiple methods of doing this, as listed in the instructions below.

Then, below is a checklist actions you may want to do to make sure your district's account is set up properly:

  • Go to District School Settings > Time Settings. Manage the time settings for your District. This is very important for reporting purposes.
  • Set up permissions for District Admins, School Admins and Teachers
  • Review your account with your Account Rep to ensure you have enough student licenses. District Admins check this by clicking admin's name at the top right > Account > Do you have enough licenses?
  • Choose rostering method in order of preferred technology.
  1. ClassLink
  2. Clever
  3. CSV Files - Start by adding Schools, Staff, Students
  4. Manual Rostering - Click on School Management from your District Admin Panel to begin adding school(s) then Classrooms to manually add classroom(s). Click User Management to add staff and students.
  5. Self Registration - After Schools and Classes are added you can enable self registration from School Management > District Portal
  6. Google Classroom - For School Admins and Teachers only
    After Schools and Staff are added, you can enable Google SSO (School Management > District Portal ) so that School Admins and Teachers can roster students with Google Classroom.
  • Setup School Admin Orientation and Training. Have teachers read the Teachers Guide, watch our training videos, or ask for a personalized Webinar

Should you want to see Getting Started for districts in action, below is a video that walks you through what you need to do:

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