When managing your students, you may want to remove them from a class. This may be in order to accommodate a student no longer in the class, to move that student to a different class, or to delete the student completely.

Unassigning Students

Unassigning a student from the class preserves the student’s account, but dis-enrolls them from the class. This feature is best used for moving a student to another class or school, or keeping them for the sake of maintaining their progress and data. If you unassign a student, their data, progress and logins are still in your school/district’s account.

To unassign a student from your class, navigate to the class, then select the student from your roster.

Once selected, choose Disenroll Student(s) from the right fly out menu.

Locating Unassigned Students

Should you want to relocate an unassigned student, navigate to your green Roster or Admin button next to your name.

*Note for School Admins: Before the next step, select “User Management”. 

Select the funnel button and filter for Unassigned Students.

Here is where the student that you have dis-enrolled will be located.

Additionally, here is a video tutorial you can view to do this from any account role.

Deleting Students

You can delete a student completely rather than dis-enroll your student from the class. If you do this, please note that all of their data and progress in Typing Agent will be erased. You may delete a student who is no longer at your school or in your district, or delete unassigned students in order to create room for more student accounts.

To delete a student, navigate to the class, then select a student from your roster.

Once selected, choose Delete Student(s) from the right fly out menu.

*Note that once you delete a student, their data cannot be recovered. This is permanent. 

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