Typing Agent is a completely web-based program which means that no matter where your students are, as long as they have an internet connection they can log into the program and continue to progress in their keyboarding skills.  Logging in with their credentials, they will literally enter into the program exactly where they left off at school and can continue moving forward and teachers can continue to monitor their time and progress from their dashboard just like you were at school.

Here’s a few features and tips that will enhance your remote learning experience: 

TA Classic Users

Print and Distribute Student Login Cards 

If you haven’t done so already you can print login cards for your students to take home and they can use them as a reference on how to login to the program. Student Login Cards can be found in each classroom under the blue Action dropdown menu. Due to our privacy policy we are not allowed to provide login information to students or parents who contact us. We will ask them to reach out to their teacher for this information.

Messaging Feature

Using the Messaging feature inside each classroom, teachers can communicate with their students about what they would like them to do for the day or week.  Messages are classroom based and can be found on the Messages tab in each classroom.  Be sure to click the calendar to set your message start and end date.  Students will see your message as soon as they login to the program and the message will end on the date you predetermine.

Tech Specs

To get the most optimal remote learning experience please be sure your parents understand our tech specs and are using the most updated version of their browser. Tech specs can be found here: https://help.typingagent.com/en/articles/2246521-tech-specs


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