You are able to assign lessons to your students and notify them of any classwork you expect to be done by a certain date. This is especially handy if you have students working remotely or you are trying to keep everyone on the same page for a cohesive learning experience.  

To do this, navigate to your Class.

From here, select Settings from the navigation bar.

Then, select Curriculum.

Once here, select the black folder icon within the panel of the curriculum you’d like to assign a due date to.

This will open up all of the lessons included in the selected curriculum. Now, you can select the calendar icon above the lesson you’d like them to complete.

From here, you’ll be able to set a due date. Select your date by clicking inside the calendar.

Now, you’ll see the date for this lesson has been set.

If you’d like to check to see the date you’ve set, you can navigate to Curriculum from your Dashboard.

From here, select the calendar icon.

Now, you can view which lessons you have assigned and for which date.

Students can view their assigned lessons by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of their dashboard.  

Example of Student View of Assigned Lessons:

*Note: Assigning a due date will not take students to that point in the curriculum. They will view what needs to be done and then it will be up to them to complete the correct lesson.

Here's a video walkthrough if you have any more questions:

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