Welcome to Typing Agent 5.0!

Typing Agent 5.0 is an excellent way to teach your children keyboarding and technology skills. With a fun, adaptive and modern curriculum, Typing Agent will provide you with all you need and more to ensure that your children become stellar digital citizens.

As a Typing Agent homeschool parent and administrator, you were given a unique Typing Agent web address (domain) by your account representative, who also provided you parent username and password specifically assigned to you, not your children. (Do not share your username and password with anyone.) Anyone in your homeschool, MUST sign into Typing Agent from the web address made specifically for you and your children, so please bookmark it on your computers or devices.  

You will enter your domain as <{{DOMAIN NAME}.typingagent.com>, as shown below:

By entering your own domain (in place of "tahomeschool)," you will be taken to your own secure login page:

You'll need to create the classrooms you want, and then add your students to the appropriate classrooms when you first activate your account. Since Typing Agent 5.0 is geared towards a school interface, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the following terms:

Admin = Parent (You)

Classroom(s) = Container to hold your student accounts

Students = Your children or students

You can have as many classrooms as you'd like. For example, if you have students in K-2 and other students in grade 5, we recommend you have separate classrooms for each grade level.

To start, login to your homeschool's unique Typing Agent web address:

Add a classroom by clicking on the + Classroom button.

Select Enter your class name.

Fill out all the information about your "classroom" in the web form.

  • Enter a Class Name
  • Select the Classroom Grade
  • See yourself identified as the Primary Teacher
  • Select Class Scheduled Days (optional)
  • Click Create

Your new Classroom(s) will appear in the left margin on your dashboard
Repeat these steps for any additional classes you may need.

Now that you've got your classroom(s) set up, you can add your children to their respective classrooms. 

To do so, click the classroom to which you would like to add your children.

Then, select the + Students button.

Select Add a Single Student.

 Fill out the parameters to add a Single Student into the class, then click Create.

Student Self Registration 

It's also possible to have students register themselves by following these steps. For them to do so, you need to enable the Student Self Registration feature and the class code feature.

Here is how to activate the self-registration feature: 

Click on the Admin button, then to School Management from the drop-down menu.

From here, select School Portal.

Scroll all the way down until you see a checkbox under Sign up Options. Select Allow Student Sign up.


Now, click on the + Classroom button.

From here, select the green +Students button.

Now, select Add Students With Class Code.

From here, you will see that Class Code is by default, disabled. All you need to do is press Enable.

You can edit this class code or leave it as is - but this code is what students will use to register for that particular classroom.


When your children navigate to your homeschool's unique Typing Agent web address, they will see an option for Student Self-Registration beneath the blue log in box.  Click Student Self -Registration.

 Once they they click this, a pop-up form will appear. They enter the code mentioned above, complete the form and this will enroll them into your classroom.


If you find yourself needing any help, feel free to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat, by e-mail at support@typingagent.com, or by phone at (425) 880-2500.

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