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Finding Unassigned Students (District Administrator)
Finding Unassigned Students (District Administrator)

How to locate your students who aren't enrolled in a classoom.

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What are “unassigned” students?

Unassigned students are students who have licenses within your account, but are not assigned to any classroom. In order for the students to use the program or show in your rosters, you will need to ensure that they are assigned to a classroom.

Should you want to locate your unassigned students, select User Management from your dashboard.

Under your name, you’ll see a bar that lists your percentage of licenses used. You will also find your total student license count, total of students active (assigned to a classroom) in the program, and an additional category for total of unassigned students. Select the funnel button.

Now, select Unassigned Students. You will then see a list of all of your unassigned students in the program.


Once you find them, you can re-enroll or delete them.

Re-Enroll: To re-enroll your students into a class, select the checkboxes next to the students' names. From here, select Enrollments from the menu on the right:

From here, search for the classroom you'd like to enroll them in.

Click the + sign beside the classroom name to add those students to that classroom. That classroom will move under the names of the students. Click you enter button to activate the change.

Delete: To delete your students, , select the checkboxes next to the students' names. From here, select Delete Student(s) from the menu on the right:

From here, you'll be prompted to confirm whether or not you'd really like to delete your students. Note: This cannot be undone.

Additionally, here is a video tutorial you can view to do this from any account role.

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