As a District Administrator, you can create customized tests for entire grades. This feature is called Scheduled Testing.

To issue a Scheduled Test, select School Management from your district dashboard.

Now, select the Grade Level Scheduled Tests tab.

From here, click the green Create New Scheduled Test button to create your test.

Once at the menu, you can choose to either compose your own scheduled test, or you can choose to use one that is already in the program (i.e., Home Row, Top Row, etc.) or one that you’ve already created and placed in our program previously.

To create a new scheduled test, press the green Create New Custom Test button. You can then use the text box to compose the test for a particular grade (s).

To use a scheduled test previously created, select the blue paper icon next to the test name to issue it.

Select Grade Level (s)

Next, select the grade(s) you would like to issue this test to, the time limit, the dates available and the maximum number of attempts and click Save.

When the student logs in, they will see the scheduled test before anything else on their screen.

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