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Scheduled Tests (Teacher)
Scheduled Tests (Teacher)

How to create a Class-Level Scheduled Test as a teacher.

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As a Teacher, you can create customized tests for students in a classroom. This feature is called Class Scheduled Tests because it will be given only to this one classroom. Should you want multiple classrooms to do the test, you will have to create that test for each one and set the parameters.

To issue a Class Scheduled Test, select your Classroom from the left window under your dashboard.

Now, select the Class Level Scheduled Tests tab. (As an aside, this is the same place you will visit should you want to find which students in that classroom did not take the test.)

Press the green + Create New Scheduled Test button.

In the Test Content area, you may either type your own content or use our templates. To create the content, use the text box to compose what you want the students to type. You may copy/paste your content from other documents but be sure that the spacing is correct and no irregular characters are in it. Don't forget to give your test a name because this is what you will see when you are finished or look for the results.

Our preloaded content or tests you had previously used have the blue paper icon next to the test name to issue it. Our tests use skill-specific names but yours won't need to follow this pattern.

Once you’ve got everything chosen and written down, set your parameters: Click on the Start Date field and use the calendar that will pop up to select the first day you want students to have access to the test; Select your End date (last full day you want students to have access to the test); Specify the Test Duration (choose either 1, 2, or 3 minutes maximum); and Delineate the Max Retries students are allowed to retake this same test in one sitting (1, 2, or 3 times.) If you opt that students may take the test two or three times, we show only one test result based primarily on their highest accuracy rate and its accompanying WPM score.

Once you are happy with the text you have in the Test Content area and the guidelines you've set, you can opt to Preview your test to see what it will look like in the student's interface. Press the blue Preview button to do this.

If all looks well, be sure to press Save.

How will students access the Scheduled Test?

When students to whom the Scheduled Test is assigned log in, the test will appear immediately on their screens. They will be forced to do it before moving on to any other activity.

If you have given them more than one time to do the test, immediately after completing the test, they are given their Accuracy and WPM scores. They decide if the want to redo the test or quit it. Once they've quit the test, they will not be able to go back and redo it.

How do I view these Class Scheduled Test results?

When you are ready to see how well the students did, be it during or after the testing period has ended, teachers may get information from two places: Class Scheduled Tests (for who did not do the test, as mentioned above) or Reports for results. To see who didn't do the test, click on the classroom then on the Class Scheduled Tests at the top. Now, select the test you want to review and the eyeball next to it. A report similar to this will appear:

This report will show:

  1. The name of the test;

  2. The number of students in the classroom who did not do the test;

  3. The dates the tests was available; and

  4. Reminder that this shows only the students who did not do the test.

Should you see scores, but no "Completed On" , this can mean one of 2 things:

  1. Your student still has attempts remaining for them to take the test. Because you may have set a certain number of attempts, your student may not have done all of them. They will need to signal that they're done with the testing from their interface.

  2. Your student has not met the targets therefore they would not have "completed" it up to standard. (Notice we still give you their best results in terms of Accuracy.)

In order to show a "Completed On" field, your student will need to take all their attempts, or meet their target until the due date has passed.

When you want to see the results for students who actually took the test, just click on your Classroom then Reports then Class Scheduled Tests from the icon that looks like this:

Once you've selected this, you see the tests that have been completed. Click on the test's eyeball to the far right to get the results. You will see something like this but with your students' results:

Now, should you want specific students to retake the test, you can click take action here. Find the student's name and click the red X on the right. It will ask you if you want to delete it. Confirm your deletion and this test result will be permanently erased. Should you want the student to redo it, go back to where you created the test and edit your start and end dates. Extend the end date and students who have not done the test as well as the student whose scores you deleted will have the opportunity to redo the test.

NOTE: Teachers cannot do this for tests given by the district or school administrators. They can only do that for their own tests. Only the district or school admins will be able to take such actions at their levels should they want certain students to redo tests.

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