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Student Weekly Learning Activity Report (General)
Student Weekly Learning Activity Report (General)

How to track your student's progress and growth week by week.

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You may wish to evaluate your students’ progress on a weekly basis. In this case, there is a Student Weekly Learning Activity report that you can use. The upside is that students can see their own version of this report in their student interface.  For students, it is called: My Weekly Learning Activity.  As a teacher, this weekly information is a great way to monitor just how well students are progressing in their skills and for students, it compels them to take responsibility for their practicing habits. This report captures time data students have earned in the Keyboarding and Coding curriculums as well as Diagnostic Tests (DT) and any Scheduled Tests that may be administered during that time period. We do not tell you if your students took a test but as a reminder, each DT is 2 minutes long each so if you see 2-minute differentiation increments between the Student Weekly Learning Activity and Time reports, these tests account for that difference. With the Scheduled Tests, their time depends on how long your time delineation for them or how long the student took to complete the test.

Student Weekly Learning Activity Report for Teachers

First, select your Class from your dashboard.

Then, select your Reports tab.

Now, select the Student Weekly Learning Activity report from the tile menu.

You can select which date ranges you’d like to view this for from these listed below.

The report will give an overview of the following:

Time Period - The 7-day time span from which the information is collected;  Monday to Sunday, the school week.
Student - The name, not username, of the student.
How often? - Details how many days the student logged in over a specified time period.
How long? - Shows how long the student was actively engaged in the program over that time period.
How well? - States the student’s average accuracy over a specified time period.
How fast? - Gives you the student’s average WPM over a specified time period.
Real speed? - Provides the student's Adjusted WPM (AWPM) over a specified time period. This number is a truer representation of the student's typing speed as the errors have been subtracted from the raw typing scores.  
Grade - Tabulates the grade the student earned over a specified time period.

Student View - My Weekly Learning Activity

From the student's interface (Phone home), the student will select the Progress tile.

From here, they can view a “lightbulb” infographic, which is an individual report of their own weekly progress. The information the student sees mimics the teacher's report with everything except the grade earned; only teachers get that information.

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