As a district admin, you can decide which roles of your staff are allowed to make changes to your students’ Typing Agent experience. This includes:

  • Adding and modifying curriculum
  • Creating, deleting and updating students
  • Resetting Students’ passwords
  • Setting custom accommodations for students
  • Creating, deleting and updating classrooms

First, select School Management from your dashboard.

Then, select the Permissions tab.

From here, you’ll be able to select from the drop-down lists of permissions as well as which roles are able to do them. The possible combinations are:

  • District Admin: Only you or another district admin can perform this action.
  • District + School Admin: Only yourself or another district admin and school admins can perform this action.
  • District +School Admin + Teacher: All staff users can perform this action.

When you are finished, scroll down and select Save.

Still stuck? Here's a video walkthrough on the process of setting your staff permissions.

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