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Setting Staff Permissions (District Administrator)
Setting Staff Permissions (District Administrator)

How to manage what your staff is allowed to do.

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As a district administrator, you decide which staff members are allowed to make changes to your students’ Typing Agent experience. It is important that you review this early in the school year to make sure students use Typing Agent the way that you deem most beneficial. If you don't specify which actions are permitted, school administrators and teachers will be able to make changes. Possible modifications include:

  • Adding and modifying curriculum

  • Creating, deleting and updating students

  • Resetting Students’ passwords

  • Setting custom accommodations for students

  • Creating, deleting and updating classrooms

Should you want to review which changes are possible and make any modifications to our default settings, first, select School Management from your dashboard.

Select the Permissions tab.

From here, you’ll be able to select from the drop-down lists of permissions as well as which roles are able to do them. The possible combinations are:

  • District Admin: Only you or another district admin can perform this action.

  • District + School Admin: Only yourself or another district admin and school admins can perform this action.

  • District +School Admin + Teacher: All staff users can perform this action.

When you are finished, scroll down and select Save.

Still stuck? Here's a video walkthrough on the process of setting your staff permissions.

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