As the administrator of a standalone single school, you decide which staff are allowed to make changes to your students’ Typing Agent experience. This includes:

  • Adding and modifying curriculum
  • Creating, deleting and updating students
  • Resetting Students’ passwords
  • Setting custom accommodations for students
  • Creating, deleting and updating classrooms
  • Which IP addresses that Typing Agent can be accessed at (If you would like to restrict student usage of Typing Agent to your school’s location only)

First, hover over your Admin button and select School Management from your dashboard.

Then, select the Permissions tab.

From here, you’ll be able to select from drop-down lists of permissions as well as which roles are able to do them. The possible combinations are:

  • School Admins Only: Only you or another school admin can perform this action.
  • Both Admins and Teachers: All staff users can perform this action.

Note the "i" icon beside each permission. If you'd like further clarification on what any of these things allow, please hover over it for a brief description.

You will also see the IP address box. If you wish, you may enter your school’s IP address to restrict usage to your school.

When you are finished, scroll down and select Save.

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