If you are not the only one teaching, or you’d like another staff member to have access to your classroom, you may wish to add an additional teacher or school administrator to your classroom. Doing this will give the added staff member your same level of control over your class and its settings.

To do this, first select your classroom from your dashboard.

From the green bar stating your classroom's name, you’ll notice your initials are in a black bubble with a white circle around it. These initials indicate the main teacher(s) of this classroom. With this noted, select the 3 black dots on the far right side.

Now, select +Add Teachers form the drop-down menu.

From here, you’ll be able to search for additional staff members you can add to that classroom. Begin typing the name of your co-teacher(s).

When you’ve found the correct teacher(s), click on the check mark to the right of the name(s) to select them.

When you’re finished, press Assign.

Now, when you return to your class, notice that a new bubble has appeared and contains the initials of the staff you’ve just added. This means that they can view and edit your class the same way you can now.

Additionally, here is a video walkthrough on how to add additional teachers to a class (3:40):

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