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Keyboarding Foundations K-2 (General)
Keyboarding Foundations K-2 (General)

Overview of the Keyboarding Foundations K-2 curriculum.

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Keyboarding Foundations K-2 is the main curriculum for those just beginning typing for the first time. It is by default assigned to grades Kindergarten - 2nd, unless you or an administrator have changed your grade settings, hence affecting the curriculum these students will be assigned. 

Curriculum Basics

The Keyboarding Foundations K-2 curriculum is themed like a mountain-climbing adventure. Along the way, you’ll meet the Yeti, E-Gor and other fun characters that will assist your students in typing through the lessons. 

There are 3 “mountains” to climb, with each group of lessons represented as a “flag”. Before students attempt to climb a mountain, they much take a diagnostic test. After completing the third mountain, they will be asked to do the test one last time. (Note: the test doesn't change and is only used to show students' keyboarding growth over time.)

Mountain 1 - Learn to Type

The first mountain has 15 different flags. Here, your students will initially begin with learning to use a mouse, then progress into the home row keys, then the top row keys, and finally the bottom row keys. (Note: If your students are not using a mouse, you can disable those lessons. For more information on how to do this, please click here for a tutorial.)

Mountain 2- Sunset

The second mountain has 30 different flags. On this mountain, students will learn capitalization, other punctuation marks, the numeric keys, and special characters. 

Mountain 3 - Twilight

The final mountain has 30 different flags. The curriculum will come to a close here with students now typing full sentences, words and paragraphs. By the time they've finished this mountain, they should be typing at the words per minute and accuracy rates set for them.

How Students Access the K-2 Keyboarding Curriculum

When your students first begin Keyboarding Foundations K-2, they click this K-2 mountain icon in their interface:

By selecting the above icon, this will take them to their lessons. If they wish to see how much they have done in this K-2 keyboarding curriculum, the "Your Mission Progress" icon below will help them. When they've completed all three mountains, the progress bar will be at 100%.

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